2016 Komen Colorado Fundraising Projects

Legend For The Cure

I want to make an impact in the fight against breast cancer in a different way. I've created my own fundraiser! I want to help Susan G. Komen save lives and end breast cancer forever. I’m taking my first step towards a world without breast cancer by raising funds to stop this disease that affects 1 in 8 women during their lifetime. As the world’s largest and most impactful breast cancer organization, Susan G. Komen supports more breast cancer research than any other nonprofit, while providing real-time help to those facing the disease.

You can make a donation online with your credit card by clicking the button above my fundraising thermometer.

Thank you for helping me as I raise money in support of ending breast cancer forever.

Of course this just not come out of nowhere. Here is my mom's story. 

On November 2009, my mother Stephanie Mellema was diagnosed with breast cancer. As I was still a young girl and my brother still a young boy we were still at the age where we needed our mother. I don’t remember the day clearly, but all I can say is when that day came my father told my brother and I to go and play outside as he didn’t want us to see my mom cry. I remember being a curious little girl coming back inside to see my mom still on the phone with tears in her eyes and down her face. All I can tell you is the hug I gave her after the phone call was the beginning of the year and a half she and her family had to battle this brutal disease. As we progressed and our knowledge grew stronger and our maturity advanced, we became educated that our mom was a fighter she never gave up, and she still had a bright smile on her face to give to her children even though the pain inside her was eating her alive. The news we received the day of her surgery as might I added, a double mastectomy, was the news that was eye-opener to the horrific events that transpire with women across the globe. The news was if my mom hadn't chosen to get a double mastectomy the cancer in her “good” breast would have killed her in six months, which is known as the “spooky cancer.” I am lucky as a young woman now to tell you that my mom is my hero and I look up to her, she gave me strength to push through life and whatever God brings. This is just my example of how I am blessed.


As we were discussing in our homeroom class, what type of community service project we would like to do, or any at all. Since breast cancer awareness month is in October, I want to set up a race, like the Susan B. Koman race, instead I would like to announce the first annual “Legend For The Cure Race.” This race will not consist of any money we need to spend. All proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen research foundation to help women be given money for breast cancer research. The race will be held the morning of October 22 from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon at Legend High School in Parker Colorado. At the race, there will be a bouncy castle, costume contest, big chair photo booth, music, food, and fun! Honestly, I have no idea how the weather will be that day, so dress accordingly, as this is Colorado and we don’t know what the weather will do! Preferably, I would like to make the donations cash or check only please, since this is the first year and we are trying to go simple and build onto this! For the prices, once you get to the race there is a flat fee of $20, $15 for students and military, and $10 for children and seniors! The website is only for donations, if you can’t make it or you would like to give more and make a difference to find the cure!  To keep you up to date, I have a remind 101 page, at pink titans, with the code of pinklt, as well you can go onto the following link (http://colorado.info-komen.org/goto/legendraceforthecure) to donate! (This website.) Our goal is to recruit 100 people as well as $3,000. In addition, on October 17 and 18th there will be a fundraiser night at Texas Roadhouse and 10% of all sales that were donated will go to Legend For The Cure. Please just bring in the flier or just tell your server that you are with Legend and they will take care of you! Thank you and I hope we can make the lives of survivors and diagnosed patients live the cancer free life they deserve to live! Thank you!

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